Charity Alliance Seal

Global Impact now offers its funded charities the option of displaying the newly created charity alliance seal. This seal provides the public with a clear, concise and easily recognizable symbol that demonstrates each charities’ commitment to the alliance's rigorous and comprehensive standards.
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Cooperative Advertising

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Our Cooperative Advertising Program offers charity partners low-cost advertising options in strategically selected markets during the campaign season. Designed to increase your visibility and help you reach key donor segments, the program provides members of our charity alliance with access to a range of media outlets at unbeatable rates.

How It Works

We conduct initial research to target specific markets and donors, negotiate the pricing, create the ad schedule and work with each charity to determine the best possible ad package for their specific goals. We then place the advertising orders. After placing the orders, we manage most ad production and ensure that the ads run on time.

To maximize exposure, participation is limited to a set number of member charities per advertisement. The program covers key campaign markets chosen because of their high revenue yield. 

Why You Should Join

When it comes to advertising, a cooperative approach provides a number of valuable benefits, including:
• Visibility with millions of current and potential giving donors
• Targeted online advertising for CFC and private sector campaigns
• Turnkey participation
• Low cost advertising opportunities with a variety of media outlets

For information on how to join our Cooperative Advertising Program and details on participating markets and publications, please contact a member of the Global Impact partnerships team at 703.717.5200 or send an email.